• Our designs are created on canvas by Chris Kram. The art is then photographed and converted into the print designs for the clothing.
  • The print screens are hand placed by the artist for each style to get the maximum visual impact and beauty. And made in the USA.
  • Like art, our clothing is printed in limited editions which change monthly.
  • TryRight clothing is so comfortable and soft, you could wrap your baby in them.
  • Our designs are exclusive to us so you won’t find them anywhere else but here!
  • Best of all they’re light and yet still opaque, so you’ll never have to worry if your goodies are on display
  • Everyone loves pockets, and our leggings come with keyhole pockets, so you never have to lose your keys again
  • Members of our subscription club get leggings that are not available for sale anywhere + exclusive members only pricing on the items we have in store!