The TryRight Brand Story is How Art Transformed A Life! Hi there, my name is Chris Kram and I’m the founder and creative mind behind TryRight, a fun, funky and art-inspired fitness apparel brand that doesn’t like norms, doesn’t like dullness and doesn’t like generic-made designs. TryRight is a revolutionary approach to athleisure clothes that puts creativity and uniqueness in the driver’s seat. My story began in Chicago, IL, where I was born to an Irish mother and a German father. Growing up I had to face numerous obstacles and always tried to find an escape from my everyday problems. And art was the way out. Since I was a young boy on the streets of the Windy City, I have been mesmerized by art, not only famous paintings in museums, but also street art, graffiti art, music and cinema. I believe that art is what sets us free from our chains of dullness, routine and adversity. When Life Gives You Brushes & Colors... Paint! That’s exactly why I decided to make art a part of my everyday life. Painting is my true passion, since you can capture feelings and emotions with a few colors and brushes. I discovered that colors could dance, brush strokes could express feelings and color combinations could invoke nostalgia. That’s what makes art an integral part of our lives. Art Is Life, Happiness & Joy! When my girlfriend, Nakia, saw my art, she said that it would look gorgeous on clothes. I had never thought of it, but she explained to me that she was sick and tired of all those boring, lifeless colors (like black, gray, white or beige) and wanted to add a new spark to her wardrobe. That’s when we decided to give it a go, and it worked! Suddenly, I could see my colors dance, move, run and bring joy to people who wanted a different approach to fitness apparel. Bring out the colorful you! We established TryRight and never looked back! My goal is to bring art into everyone’s daily routine and break the walls of dullness. Your clothes express your character, your personality and your feelings. You are not boring, generic and glum. You are UNIQUE! You are COLORFUL! You are HAPPY! That’s exactly what our fitness clothes are here to offer you, that feeling of artistic uniqueness that will put a smile on your face, make you run that extra mile and understand that life doesn’t have to be black and white! Let art draw a smile on your face today!