Chris Kram was raised in Chicago the middle child of an Irish Mother and German Father. At a very young age his love of art and color surfaced. 
“I was always looking to escape to a more beautiful world. I’d frequently skip school to visit the Art Institute of was a beautiful world. I’d grab my skateboard, head downtown by following the local commuter train line, resentfully hand my skateboard to the guard as I showed my student pass, and make my way straight to the modern art collections. Here I developed a passion for art, and I learned that color could dance.”
It was at a dance performance not long ago that Chris had an epiphany as he watched the bodies move across the stage. He saw a new way that his art could move, dance, and delight. 
“Stumbling to understand what I was seeing, I muttered to myself that this is a living museum and a collective expression of everything important to me - art, color, movement, and desire. I began creating my collection in that instant of recognition.”
Chris currently lives, paints, and designs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He has an International following of patrons and fans of his art and design.